Best Directing Nominees

Best Cinematography Nominees

WINNER: Adults
The Secret Lives of Public Servants

Best Writing Nominees

WINNER: Under The Weather
Perverts Anonymous

Best Actor Nominees

Right Hand Man – Rob Zazzali
WINNER: Cyrus the Good – Nickon C. Hemati
Agency – Quinn Franzen

Best Actress Nominees

WINNER: Low Strung – Victoria Lee
I DO – Nathalie Schmidt
Tinder is the Night – Misha Calvert

Best Supporting Actor Nominees

Adults – Garrett Neergaard
Fat Ghost – Rich Camp
WINNER: Perverts Anonymous – Marty Adams

Best Supporting Actress Nominees

 Butter – Yanella Suarez
WINNER: Here We Wait – Diane Chen
The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? – Juliette Danielle

Best Ensemble Nominees

Best Drama Series

Best Comedy Series

 Choose Your Own McGurskey
WINNER: Frank and Lamar
Myrtle & Willoughby

Best Reality or Documentary Series

Emerging​ ​Voices

WINNER: Tinder is the Night 
HONORABLE MENTION: Myrtle & Willoughby
HONORABLE MENTION: Dramatis Personae

DaF​ ​Comedy​

Made​ ​in​ ​NY

Best​ ​Premiere


Audience Choice

Best​ ​Series